Duologues and Scenes from the Novels of Jane Austen Arranged and Adapted for Drawing-Room Performance.

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Illustrated by Miss Fletcher. Filippi (aka Mrs. Dowson) arranged these Austen excerpts like one-act plays "suitable for amateur performance." The first adaptation for stage, by a Victorian actress. Shows an appreciation of the theatrical nature of dialogue in Austen's novels. Green silk with gilt design front and spine. VG condition, but with spine faded and darkened. Marked "E.S. Hill & C. Hill," with a clip of an envelope postmarked from Oxford in 1926 with note "The Misses Hill." The Misses Hill wrote and illustrated Jane Austen: Her Homes & Her Friends in 1902, about their journey to Austen country and their research into Austen's life. They traced a course many future Janeites travel.  Dent, London. 1895. HB. 139 pgs. USED. $250.00
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