Jane Austen and the Drama of Woman.

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The timing is 1983, and Austen criticism is evolving as the feminist eye is applied to literature. Smith argues that both the conservative view of Austen as a supporter of patriarchy that was long held by critics, as well as the more recent "double life" theory, where critics perceived that Austen upheld partriarchy in her works while siltently seething under the surface, are flawed. Instead, he argues that Austen's complex work is even more radical in its way, as she presents woman defined by herself. He treats each of the six novels in the canon with an eye to the "woman question" and shows the complexity of Austen's thoughts as her characters find the "possiblity of personal freedom and happiness." He states that, "in Austen's handling, woman's quest for freedom and the preservation of her selfhood is an intense version of the human experience in general." Black cloth with gilt title on the spine. Someone has put a color photocopy of a dust jacket on the book; if they hadn't done that, we wouldn't have the information from the sleeves. This book is now available as an eBook from Palgrave Macmillan, otherwise out of print and scarce. The book is an 1987 reprint of the 1983 original publication, and is in Very Good condition.  Very clean, no previous owner markings, tight binding. MacMillan Education. Hb. USED. $110.00