The Oxford Companion to English Literature. Second Edition.

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A wikepedia of its day, this big book is covered in brown buckram cloth with the Oxford shield on the spine. Encyclopedic entries of authors, characters, titles with plot summaries of books, pamphlets, random facts that might only be tenuously related to literature. Find Alcofribas Nasier, Lucretius, Snorri Sturlason, the Porter sisters, the Act of Uniformity, Sophia Lucy Clifford, and just about anything else that you didn't know you wanted to know. First published in 1932, this is the first printing of the 2nd edition. Spine loosem rear hinge barely hanging on. Appendices include Censorship and the Law of the Press; Notes on the History of English Copyright; Perpetual Calendar. Oxford University Press. 1937. USED. $6.00
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