Coined by Shakespeare: Words & Meanings First Penned by the Bard.

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There are so many words we use every day that are never found in print before they are found in Shakespeare. It's like he was a nonstop word factory. From assassination to zany, domineering and nervy, fashionable and madcap, can we talk without quoting the bard? The secure, but flawed and rancorous watchdog by my elbow, in the bedroom, showed his tranquil discontent with a cold-blooded shudder. Yes, all those words except for the articles. I kid you not. Includes intriguing quizzes scattered throughout to test your Shakespeare knowledge. Each entry provides an explanation for the source of the word, modern history of its usage, and location within Shakespeare's work. Like new. Merriam Webster. 1998. Hb, Dj. USED. $10.00