Below the Peacock Fan: First Ladies of the Raj.

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Drawn from primary sources such as letters, diaries, prints, drawings, original artwork, and other historical archives. Fowler follows 4 upper-class British women and their time in India. The women come from 4 different periods of British colonial rule, arriving in 1836, 1856, 1876, and 1898. Fowler argues that British women experienced India much more intimately and retained their feelings throughout their lives, unlike the colonial men they accompanied, who were trained by upbringing and pressed by occupation to be aloof and preoocupied. She aims to share the rich experiences of these women and thus add balance to this colonial history. Illustrated, endnotes, bibliography.  X-Library but in very good condition, with no foxing and mylar cover protecting the jacket. Viking. 1987. Hb, Dj. USED. $6.00