At the Limits of Romanticism. Essays in Cultural, Feminist, and Materialist Criticism.

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Several influential critics redraw the boundaries of Romanticism as they examine understudied topics from the period, including the work of popular women writers, contemporary journalism, narrative poetry, the novel, and decorative arts. Discussions cover authors like Felicia Hemans, Ann Yearsley, Byron, William and Sarah Hazlitt, Walter Scott, Samuel Rogers, and Robert Southey. Contributors: John Rieder, Peter T. Murphy, Mary A Favret, Anne Janowitz, Kurt Heinzelman, Sonia Hofkosh, Lucinda Cole and Richard G. Swartz, Nanora Sweet, Nicola J. Watson, Mark L. Schoenfield, Andrea Henderson, Jan B. Gordon, and Marjorie Levinson. Very good condition but we found a small bit of penciled marginial. Indiana University Press. 1994. Paper. USED. $6.00