The Rise and Fall of the Victorian Three-Volume Novel.

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Whatever  happened to the three-decker? With the aid of modern quantitative methods and meticulous research, Bassett covers the cultural, economic, and literary history of the rise and fall of the Victorian 3-volume novel. Dives into Richard Bentley's publishing house, W. H. Smith's circulating libraries, authors such as Scott who set the standard for 3 volumes, and Stevenson who struggled to write them. The three-decker had a long life, as novels went from any number that works (2 volumes to 7 being most common) in the 18th century to three or else in the mid-19th, and then down to one volume after the 1890's. All the stories along the way, involving authors, publishers, librarians, and readers,  make for fascinating reading. Palgrave is listing the hardbound for $99.99 and the eBook for $79.99. This book is LIKE NEW. Palgrave Macmillan. 2020. USED. $50.00
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