The Novel: A Biography.

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The story of the novel from its origins through centuries of growing maturity, changing and adapting, always fascinating. At 1172 pgs and about 4 1/2  pounds, and delving deep into over 350 authors over 700 years, this spellbinder lays it all out so endearingly that we fall in love with not one novel, not one author, not one genre, but the whole, grand human enterprise, the whole art form. Readers, understand I haven't had time to read the whole thing myself yet, but I've been diving in and out of it, and it's darn good. Be prepared to be absorbed, to laugh, to feel free to enjoy  your favorite books, and to want to read more novels. More  novels! Belknap Press of Harvard UP, 2014. Hb, Dj. Originally published at $39.95. NEW. $5.00
$5.00 $39.95