Eighteenth Century Poetry and Prose. Second Edition.

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Selections of texts from authors Austen and her family would have known well. Alexander Pope, Samuel Pepys, John Wilmot, John Dryden, John Pomfret, Matthew Prior, Anne Finch, Daniel Defoe, Jonathan Swift, Steele & Addison, George Berkeley, Bernard Melville, John Gay, Thomas Parnell, John Dyer, Isacc Watts, William Collins, James Boswell, Samuel Johnson, Oliver Goldsmith, William Cowper, Edmund Burke, William Blake, Robert Burns, several more. Several pages of notes, bibliography, index, introduction. 1274 pages. Great resource, very good condition, decent sized print easy on the eyes. The Ronald Press Company. 1956 edition of original 1939 publication. USED. $5.00
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