Lamb, Lady Caroline.

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Edited by Deborah Lutz. When Lord Byron grew tired of the tempestuous affair with Lady Caroline Lamb, he cruelly broke it off. Lamb sought revenge in her novel set against the backdrop of the violent Irish Revolution of 1798. Everyone knew Calantha was Lamb, and Glenarvon was Byron, and books flew off the shelf. Minor characters were also easily identified as friends and acquaintances scandalously skewered. While Lady Caroline became a social outcast after the 1816 release of the novel, you can't say she didn't go out in style. Includes the unabridged text of the first edition and the original introduction (which was heavily redacted in the 2nd), a new introduction and notes, and an index of characters with their real-life counterparts! Ooh. Gossip. Valancourt Press. 2007. Paper. NEW. $17.00