Ring in Spring with our Featured Titles

Ring in Spring with our Featured Titles

Jane Austen's Journeys

by Hazel Jones

Preface by Maggie Lane. In spite of difficulties we would cry about, travel was all the rage in Britain during Austen's lifetime. People hopped into carriages at a whim, or after well-laid out travel plans, and visited watering holes, famous houses, the City, and scenic wonders. Jones examines this zest for travel, diving into journals, letters, and other first-hand accounts to take us right into that world. Robert Hale Ltd., London. 2014. Hb, Dj. NEW. $26.00

Jane Austen, Edward Knight, & Chawton: Commerce & Community

by Linda Slothouber

Explores the economic side of Edward Knight's inheritance, especially Chawton, where Austen lived during the period her works were published. Here, at the estate of her brother, Austen experienced the lives of the people she wrote about. Slothouber's book is entertaining and instructive and brings to light new material about the Austen family's life as well as the economic facts of the time. Woodpigeon Publishing, Gaithersburg. Paper. 2015. NEW. $11.00

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