Sent as a Gift: Eight Correspondences from the Eighteenth Century.

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The 18th century is considered one of the great ages of letter writing. This book of essays helps show why as several great letters and letter-writers are explored. Subjects include Defoe, Lord Chesterfield, Christopher Smart, Charles Burney, Robert Dodsley to William Warburton and David Garrick, Johnson's letters to Boswell, Denis Diderot, and Jane Austen.  Contributors include Paula R. Backscheider, Betty Rizzo, Alvaro Ribeiro, James Tierney, Lance Wilcox, Emita B. Hill, Susan C. Whealler, Janet Gurkin Altman, and the editor McKenzie. Great chapter titles like Responses to Tyrants, Accounts of an Eyewitness, and Edifying the Young  Dog, show why this volume is fun as well as informative. Like new. University of Georgia Press. 1993. Hb, Dj. USED. $15.00