Who Betrays Elizabeth Bennet? Further Puzzles in Classic Fiction.

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Sutherland unravels 34 literary puzzles in this sequel to his popular "Is Heathcliff a Murderer?" and "Can Jane Eyre be Happy?". He revisits some old puzzles to share input of readers in addition to the new puzzles presented here. Replete with information on Georgian and Victorian lifestyles and how they relate to the literature we love. Defoe, Fielding, Austen (a few of her books), Scott, Shelley, Dickens (more than a few), Thackeray, a few Brontes, Gaskell, Collins, Eliot, Carroll, Trollope, Verne, Twain, Tolstoy, Hardy, Doyle, and Stoker are dealt with in these investigations. VG condition. Oxford World's Classics. 1999. Paper. USED. $9.00
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