Regency Etiquette: The Mirror of Graces (1811).

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Originally published in 1811, printed here in facsimile "englarged edition" in trade paperback. Valuable resource for those researching or just interested in the era, written by "a lady of distinction." Provides guidance on fashion, taste, deportment, manners, management of the person in dancing, and various other issues critical to sustaining the correct impression in public for one's station in life. Full title: The Mirror of Graces; or, The English Lady's Costume: Combining and Harmonizing Taste and Judgment, Elegance and Grace, Modesty, Simplicity, and Economy, with Fashion in Dress; And adapting the various Articles of Female Embellishments to different Ages, Forms, and Complexions; to the Seasons of the Year, Rank, and Situation in Life; with useful advice on Female Accomplishments, Politeness, and Manners; The Cultivation of the Mind and Disposition and Carriage of the Body: Offering also the most efficacious Means of preserving Beauty, Health, and Loveliness. The whole according with the General Principles of Nature and Rules of Propriety. VG condition other than light sun fading of spine. R. L. Shep, Mendocino, CA. 1997. Paper. USED. $30.00
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