Jane Austen and Her Works.

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Sarah Tytler was the pen name of  Scottish novelist Henrietta Keddie (1827-1914). In this early work on Austen, Tytler covers all of Austen's novels and her life, creating a great example of late 19th century Austen lit-crit. Tytler argues that the life and works are complementary. Her main theme seems to be that Austen excelled at depicting human nature, which does not change from one time period to another. Dark green decorated and gilt cloth, all page edges gilt, beautifully clean pages with very little foxing. Previous bookseller comments state "this edition was produced for Cassell's Girls Library, rare because originally bound with wire staples which deteriotared: book has been carefully restored, rebound with linen thread on tapes and recased incorporating the original beautifully decorated boards." With four pages of Cassell's books listed, and another four pages of "Sections from Cassell, Petter, Galpin & Co.'s Publications The Girls' Library. A New Series of Volumes specially suitable for Girls' Reading." The Girls' Library list includes book about how women and girls may make a living and/or be useful in general. No date but late 19th century, 1880 or after. Hb. USED. $115.00
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