Jane Austen & Southampton Spa.

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This gorgeous oversized book is a recreation of the Georgian Southampton the Austen family knew. During the Napoleonic Wars, foreign travel was down and the town thrived as a seaside resort. Jane Austen first lived in Southampton as a schoolgirl with her sister and cousin. She visited her cousins the Butler Harrisons in the 1790's. Then in 1806, she lived in her brother Frank's house as part of her brothers' kindness to their widowed mother and unmarried sisters. While only bits and pieces are known of Austen's daily life during the times she lived in Southampton, Butler brings to light a great deal of history about the homes she lived in and things we know she did, such as visit the library and socialize with naval officers. After a general biography and history of Austen's time there, Butler provides connections to her works in a chapter on each novel and the Juvenilia, with subtitles such as Balls, The Militia, & Scandal; Gothic Romanticism, Novels; Slavery, Wealth,  The Theatre; The Navy, Revolutionary & Napoleonic Wars. Generous period illustrations and beautiful presentation on heavy paper. The Diaper Association. Supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.2017. NEW. $16.00