1066 and All That: A Memorable History of England.

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Illustrated by John Reynolds, Gent:.  Reminiscent of Austen's own teenage treatment of history, although perhaps not as good, and we are quick to point out this book required the work of adults. We are not surprised to see that this old copy is nonetheless the 23rd printing (1953) of the original (1931) edition, for this humorous and disrespectful treatment of real, solemn history, portions of which appeared in Punch, allows for giggles enough to keep all adults, who dreaded their childhood history class, highly entertained, as it is obviously based on the faulty memory of a poor student. From the "Compulsory Preface" to "Edward VII: Almost a Monarch" and the two short pages that follow on the Great War, our only complaint is that it ended far too soon. Lib stamp inside front cover, but really very good condition. No jacket. Hb. Illustrated buckram cover. Dutton. Copyright 1931. This is a 1953 printing. USED. $5.00