Jane & D'Arcy: Jane Austen & D'Arcy Wentworth. Volume I - Folly is not always folly.

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Walker has, at the urging of his Uncle Wentworth, meticulously researched a romance between Jane Austen and D'Arcy Wentworth, read between the lines of Austen's juvenilia, novels, and letters, but read more directly from other primary sources. D'Arcy Wentworth went to Australia to work as a surgeon and rose steadily in importance there. Neither Wentworth nor Austen ever married. Walker believes they eloped to Scotland. Could this explain all the destruction of letters and the secret nature of the Austen family about their author daughter? In fact, the story is well told as Walker follows Wentworth's life in England and in Australia. Endnotes, Index. Arcana Trust, Australia. Paper. 2017. NEW. $32.00