Jane Austen and William Shakespeare: A Love Affair in Literature, Film, and Performance.

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This collection of essays grew out of the Barchas-Straub Will & Jane exhibition at the Folger Library in 2016. A collection of essays reflect on the connections between these two most canonical authors in English, exploring interdisciplinary and comparative topics that range from celebrity to serious academic study. Essayists include Joanne Wilkes, Robert Bearman, Marie Nedregotton Sorbo, Barbara M. Benedict, Lynda A. Hall, Claire McEachern, Inger Brodey, Glenda Hudson, Judith W. Page, Lisa S. Starks, Lisa Hopkins, Heta Pyrhonen, Mark Thornton Burnett, the editors themselves, and an essay about curating the Folger exhibit by Janine Barchas and Kristina Straub. Palgrave Macmillan. 2019. Hb. NEW. $40.00
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