Nineteenth Century Fiction (Journal) Volume 30 No 3 December 1975.

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The entire December 1975 issue is devoted to Jane Austen in honor of her 200th birthday. Essays by Donald Greene, Martin Price, Valerie Shaw, Francis R. Hart, George Levine, Ruth apRoberts, Walter E. Anderson, K. K. Collins, Mark Kinkead-Weekes, Andrew Wright. Topics include manners and morals, the spaces of privacy, and "This Old Maid: Jane Austen Replies to Charlotte Bronte and D. H. Lawrence" by Kinkead-Weekes. The essay "Jane Austen Adapted" is a list of plays, tv series, sequels, abridgements and school editions, and more. Condition very good. M1711. University of California Press. 1975. Paper. USED. $20.00
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