Ruskin and Environment: The Storm-Cloud of the Nineteenth Century.

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Edited by Michael Wheeler. Ruskin [1819-1900] was a polymath and critic who contributed a great deal to modern thought during the 19th century. This collection of essays exmaines his contribution to a new way of thinking about nature and the environment as people in his generation saw the effects of the Industrial Revolution, and his influence on 20th century environmentalism. How can we learn from Ruskin's approach to communicating environmental concerns? Contributors from the disciplines of English, Geography, and Social History include Keith Hanley, Phillip Mallett, David Carroll, Denis Cosgrove, Gill Chitty, Jeffrey Richards, John K. Walton, Terry Gifford, and Michael Wheeler.  Illustrated. Condition Very Good. Scarce. Manchester University Press. 1995. Hb, Dj. USED. $90.00