Being Brought from Africa to America: The Best of Phillis Wheatley.

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Phillis Wheatley [c. 1753-1784] was seized in Africa at the age of 7 and brought to America where she was enslaved by the Wheatley family in Boston. She was taught to read by the Wheatley's children and read widely, including Latin and Greek classics, from the age of 12. The Wheatleys encouraged her writing, and she became internationally known for one of her elegies. When she was 18, the Wheatleys helped her attempt to have a book of her poems published. When American publishers refused, they sent her and their son to London, where she was published (1773), becoming the first African American to become a published author. Later, although freed from slavery, and continuing to be one of America's most renowned writers, she died uncared for and alone, a victim of the harsh economic realities of American racism during the post-war period. To the end of her life, she continued to write and publish, often covering themes of optimism about the promise of America. The popularity of her work in New England and England helped inspire abolitionism in both countries. This volume includes two brief historical biographies and 51 poems. Ragged Hand, an Imprint of Read & Co. 2020, Paper. NEW. $16.00