The Juvenile Tradition: Young Writers and Prolepsis, 1750-1835.

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"A juvenile tradition of young writers flourished in Britain between 1750 and 1835, when authors in their teens were widely read and reviewed." This study is a formal analysis of how young writers used the trope of prolepsis to claim their future in literary history. If you've read Devoney Looser's book on the Porter sisters, you already know about Anna Marie Porter. But there were so  many more! Retoring knowledge of this tradition that blossomed, and later fell out of importance, and the quality and quantity of works by juvenile writers, makes a fascinating story. Just as women authors who helped drive the development of literature in this important period had to be rediscovered, the contribution of kids deserves to be recognized. Langbauer also discusses young writers whose works were not published at the time, with a chapter on Jane Austen, for example. List price $115.00. Special price for our JA friends.  Oxford University Press. 2016. Hb, Dj. NEW. $79.00
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