The Osprey Guide to Jane Austen.

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This overview of Austen's works gives a chapter to each of the 6 novels in the canon, but also gives a chapter to Lady Susan, another to the Watsons, and gives one each to Love and Freindship and Sanditon. The chapter on the characters is very long because it gives a paragraph on all the  major characters from all 10 of these works. They are in alphabetical order by the character's name, not by the book they are in, which is fun because they all do seem to fit together. Mr and Mrs Allen and Augustus (married to Sophia) would get along famously, so it's fine they are described on the same page. The works themselves get a little introduction then a sort of summary, with quotes directly from the books and Hardwick's own very abbreviated telling. A few penciled notes in the margin by a previous owner who objected to some points Hardwick made in his summaries. Osprey, Reading. 1973. Hb, Dj. USED. $5.00