Critics on Jane Austen. Readings in Literary Criticism: 5

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Combines previous books Critics on Jane Austen: 1813-1939 and Modern Critics on Jane Austen. Reviews by Jane Austen, Walter Scott, Henry Austen, Richard Whately, Macaulay, Charlotte Bronte, Lewes, Kavanagh, Oliphant, Richard Simpson, Andrew Lang, Henry James, Chesterton, Farrer, Chapman, Woolf, Garrod, Muir, C. Linklater Thompson, DH Lawrence, Forster, Cecil, Auden, Lascelles, Harding, Leonard Woolf, Brower, Mudrick, CS Lewis, Malcolm Bradbury, Thomas R. Edwards Jr, Laurence Lerner. A lot of material for easy reference in one small paperback. Appears not to have been read, although the cover has some scuffs. University of Miami Press. Coral Gables, FL. 1988. Paper. USED. $15.00
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