Annals of the Parish and The Ayrshire Legatees.

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Two novels in one volume. Galt [1779-1839] was a contemporary of Austen. Illustrated by Charles E. Brock with an introduction by Alfred Ainger. Originally published in 1821, The Annals of the Parish is the gently humorous fictional portrayal of small town Scottish life during the period 1760-1810, as told by the sometimes petty Reverend Micah Balwhidder. The Ayrshire Legatees tells the adventures of the Reverend Pringle and his family in London, through letters to their friends in Scotland. Both originally published in 1821, this edition 1896. Green cover. Front and spine heavily embossed and gilt with floral pattern. Inside covers with gold peacock pattern. All page edges gilt. Delightful Brock drawings. A beautiful book in very good condition. Macmillan, NY, 1896, USED, $75.00