Jane Austen: Her Life, Her Work, Her Family, and Her Critics.

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Includes maps drawn by Miss Blanche MacManus of fictional locations. Includes JA portrait and 1833 frontispieces by Pickering as well as other illustrations. Also, of course, inlcudes the excellent insights of R. Brimley Johnson, one of the first scholarly treatments.  Chapters inlcude The Rectory; Nursery and Schooldays; Faith, Morals, and Society; Genius and Writing; Folly Burlesqued; The End of Steventon; The Wanderers; The Diversions of a Wit; The Heart of a Romantic; The Cottage. Several appendices cover early reviews and opinions, a section on four early adaptations (first Austen fan fic!), writings from other Austen family members, and a discusion of one of her earliest works of juvenilia "The Mystery" with her adult "Plan of a Novel. 1st edition thus. Very good condition but we found some pencil underlinings on a few pages. Dent, London. 1930. 285 pgs. HB. USED. $40.00