The Story of a Wonder Man Being the Autobiography of Ring Lardner.

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Fwd by Sarah E. Spooldripper. Illustrated by Margaret Freeman. Lardner [1885-1933] was a sports columnist and short story writer. He was also an important figure in the theatre world, known for his satirical writings. His humorous autobiography is full of revealing quips from 100 years ago, still funny today. Includes a chapter 'How I Threw a Big Party for Jane Austen' which involves a little time travel/time mixing. Jane has fun experiencing New York night life, she visits the White House, Niagara Falls,  and Hollywood.  Excellent condition without wear, in dark green cloth with embossed signature on the front cover. Previous owner plate inside front cover. Charles Scribner's Sons, NY. 1927. USED. $30.00