Nineteenth-Century Women Writers of the English-Speaking World.

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Twenty-three essays by noted authors about women writers. Allison G. Sulloway on Austen's "mediative voice." Essays on writers including Dickinson, Mary Jane Holmes, the Brontes, Gaskell, Eliot. Essays by Peggy Anderson, Ann Boutelle, Lucy Brashear, Morton Cohen, Tilden Edelstein, Mary P. Edwards Kitterman, Lucille and Walter Fillin, Barbara Gates, Gail Griffin, Robert Keane, Coral Lansbury, Howard Meyer, David Moriarty, Nancy Paxton, Nancy Pell, Vivian Pollack, Sheila Shaw, Rennie Simson, Alison Sullaway, Marie Urbanski, Susan Ward, Anna Mary Wells, Bonnie Zimmerman, Rhoda B. Nathan. Hardbound in like new condition. Greenwood Press. Prepared under the auspices of Hofstra University. 1986. 275 pgs. Hb. USED. $18.00