A Czarina's Story: Being an Account of the early married life of the Emperor Nicholas I of Russia written by his wife.

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Translated from the French and provided with Prologue and Epilogue. "This memoir was written by a god-daughter of Queen Charlotte of England, who married the Grand Duke Nicholas Pavlovitch, known to English people as Nicholas I, the Czar who fought the Crimean War." Princess Charlotte  [1798-1860], after a childhood marred by the Napoleonic Wars and the death of her mother when she was 12, left her home in Berlin at age 19 for the Russian court. She was not a believer in the divine right of kings, and preferred privacy and family to the public life of royalty. The memoir covers the period 1817-1820. Illustrated with many photos of locations and a photo of miniatures of the Czar, Charlotte (then called Alexandra Feodorovna) and their son Alexander. Corner bumps. Cloth cover discolored. Previous owner small signature inside front cover. Nicholson & Watson, London, Brussels. 1948. Hb. USED. $25.00