Appraisements and Asperities: As to Some Contemporary Writers.

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Schelling was Professor of English Lit in the University of Pennsylvania. The book is a series of articles that originally appeared in columns of The Evening Public Ledger of Philadelphia. The reviews cover poetry, fiction, essays and drama, biography, anthropology, philosophy and education. The essay on Austen is called "The Veritable Queen of English Fiction" and deals with a defense by "Miss Austen-Leigh." Our favorite quote: "The subject is nothing; it is the degree to which the thing undertaken approaches perfection that counts." With commentary on Walpole, Johnson, Scott, Henry James, many more. 200 pgs. Blue paper, beige cloth spine, worn paper labels, loosening spine, clean white pages, stamp from a college library inside front cover. J. B. Lippincott Company, Philadelphia and London. 1922, USED. $12.00