The Country Dance Book Containing a Description of 18 traditional dances collected in country villages.

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First Vol Revised and Editied by Maud Karpeles. Three volume set. Vol 1 contains "A Description of Eighteen Traditional Dances Collected in Country Villages." Vol 2 contains "Thirty Country Dances from the English Dancing Master 1650-1728." Vol 3 contains "Thirty-Five Country Dances from The Engolish Dancing Master,,." Dances are given in notation with sketches. Extensive text accompanies the dances, including history and discussion of various aspects of the dance, the music and layout of the room. Dark blue cloth with some wear. Previous owner made an artistic checkmark in the top corner of some pages. Originally published ranging from 1909 to 1912. This set is 1934 and 1927. Novello and Company, Ltd., London. USED. $75.00

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