Charlotte Ramsay Lennox An Eighteenth Century Lady of Letters.

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Lennox [1730-1804] was an English author and poet, thought by Samuel Johnson to be superior to his other female author friends Hannah More, Fanny Burney, and Elizabeth Carter. She was famous for her book The Female Quixote. This biography Chapters include Life of Charlotte Ramsay Lennox, 1720-1765; Life of Mrs. Lennox (cont.), 1765-1804; The Female Quixote and other Quixotic Imitations of the Eighteenth Century; Less Important Novels of Mrs. Lennox; Mrs. Lennox's Poetic Attempts; Dramatic Works of Mrs. Lennox; Miscellaneous Works of Mrs. Lennox. Several appendices cover topics such as doubtful attributions, poems to Mrs. Lennox, Periodicals containing references to her, and a complete list of her works. Probable influence on other writers, including Austen, are discussed throughout the volume. Yale University Press, 1935. No Dj. Excellent condition. Hb. USED. $25.00