My Lady Scandalous: The Amazing Life and Outrageous Times of Grace Dalrymple Elliott [1754-1823] Royal Courtesan.

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Gorgeous book, illustrated. "A wicked turnabout" on JA's adage "a single man...." Raucous history that traverses the licentious Regency era. Coming of age in the sin city of London, Grace Dalrymple [1754-1823] was an impressionable bride of 17 whose marriage to a man more than twice her age proved disastrous. Although he was a philanderer himself, her husband sued for divorce after her unfortunate liaison with a rake. From then on, Grace led the life of a demi-rep while facing the perils of the French Revolution and British high society. Index. 8x9. Orig Publ $25.95. 414 pgs, Hb, Dj. NEW. $12.00