Jane Austen in Context. (Cambridge Ed. of Works of Jane Austen.).

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Generously illustrated collection of essays covering biography, bibliography, criticism, fashion, transportation, and more. Fergus, Sutherland, Mandal, LeFaye, Stabler, Selwyn, Kirkham, Waldron, Trott, Rajan, Lynch, Gilson, Cossy and Saglia, Clark and Dutton, Raven, Lamont, Blank, Kelly, Lane, Chris Jones, Duckworth, Cronin, Wiltshire, Paula Byrne, Copeland, Roberts, Penny Gay, Knox-Shaw, Roe, Southam, Mullan, Keymer, Alan Richardson, Wheeler, Ellis, Rogers. A great reference! Cambridge UP. 2010. Paper. NEW. $35.00

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