Ask Mamma or The Richest Commoner in England.

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Complete with the original illustrations by John Leech [1817-1864], best known for his contributions to Punch. Only one book by Surtees [1803-1864] was published under his own name in his lifetime - a horse buyer's guide - yet he was an accomplished author, as this posthumously published humorous novel shows. "Mama" is a humble seamstress who makes a good marriage to Mr Billy Pringle. Their son, Fine Billy, launched into polite country society, findes himself in teh world of fox-hunting, pageantry, and romance. The author's dry wit and ironic approach to life was perhaps unsuitable for a man who inherited the family estate and was the JP for County Durham, but the result is an affectionate and irreverant picture of wealthy country Victorians. New but shop-worn. 537 pgs, Paper. Published by Nonsuch, Gloucester. Orig publ 1858. 2005. NEW. $6.00