Mr. Darcy's Guide to Courtship by Mr. Darcy.

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"The Secrets of Seduction from Jane Austen's Most Eligible Bachelor." Obviously written before Mr Darcy was properly humbled by Miss Elizabeth Bennett, and while he was still very much under the influence of admirers such as Miss Caroline Bingley (who has made a small contribution to this book, in fact). We are all amazement at this charming and informative advice book! Although Mr Darcy makes clear his allegiances are to the leisured and landed gentry, he condescends to devote sections of some chapters to tradesmen and other humbler folk. In short, here is all the well-situated person needs to know in 1812 to find the proper mate, woo her (or him), and embark on successful married life together. At least as success is measured in some quarters. And for those not well endowed with wealth, appearance, sense, accomplishments and other necessaries, Mr Darcy would tell you "why bother?" Complete with a few "Ask Mr Darcy" Q&A advice letters at the end. Snarky and always in character of the worst Mr Darcy we meet in the novels, this gets a 5-star rating from our staff. Bibliography for those of you who'd like to find the source of advice such as the use of Gowland's Lotion and other cosmetics, proper letter writing, et al. Paper with faux jacket, Random House. 2013. NEW. $14.00