The Western Lit Survival Kit.

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This is a highly entertaining snarky overview of the Great Books of Western Lit that gives you the low-down in chapters with titles like "Greece: The Cradle of Greek Civilization" and The Romantics: The Author as (the Author's) Hero." In "William "Look at Me, I Get My Own Chapter" Shakespeare," we get some of the finest short summaries of the Bard's plays you'll find anywhere. Comedy of Errors in 4 sentences? Absolutely, and one of the sentences consists of one word. Details of the Great Writers' cultural and political surroundings, biographical facts, it's all true, useful, and hilariously entertaining. We highly recommend this book for its easy-to-follow history of literarture as well as for its entertainment value. Gotham Books. Paper. 2012. List $18.00. NEW. $7.00