A Chronology of Jane Austen and Her Family.

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For the Austen scholar or fan who wants to know everything. This massive tome, this amazing achievement of scholarship from one who was embedded in Austen family documents for decades, is a day-by-day chronology of every little detail known about Jane Austen and her family. The 1600's only have a few entries each decade, but by the time we reach the late 1700's we find some time periods with several details in a day. Records of neighbors show when Jane and her mother and sister dined with them. The Rev George Austen pays a bill for carpet materials. Jane loans a friend a book. Such intimate details pulled from numerous sources! Ends in 2003. Family trees carry descendants into the 20th century. Detailed index. 776 pages. Paper. Cambridge UP. 2006. List price $55.99. NEW. $50.00

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