The Bronte Myth.

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"Each generation has rewritten the Brontes to reflect changing attitudes...", each year more Bronte biographies are written, and Miller takes us through that muddled history, explaining the source of Mrs. Gaskell's first Victorian mythologizing in her biography, showing how Charlotte sought to purify her sisters' images, explaining  portrayals as pious, poor women, through 20th century biographies that employed Freudian analysis, and gloomy Hollywood dramas.  These women became cultural symbols when their novels were first published, and notorious even before their pseudonyms were dropped and their true identities revealed. Miller wants to help us cut through the mythology and meet the real sisters, who might have been more fun than we have been led to believe. Some handling to jacket, otherwise like new.  Jonathan Cape, London. 2001. Hb, Dj. USED. $8.00
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