The Victoria History of Hampshire: Steventon.

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With contributions by John Hare. "The Victoria County History series... aims to bring local research to publication as swiftly as possible." This is the 2nd parish history in the series. Explains how family and community life shaped Austen's early literary career. She lived in Steventon for 25 years and wrote early drafts of P&P, S&S, and NA from 1796 to 1798. She would have relied on local society for inspiration. Doesn't just cover the author - Steventon has a rich story as a typical southern chalkland village with various agricultural improvements, a scandalous landlord, and a fascinating church history. From an early Christian presence, to enclosure and the infringement of the railroad, to modern benefits from links to Jane Austen, this is a thorough review of the parish. The University of London. 2016. Paper. NEW. $30.00