The Lost Books of Jane Austen.

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At pennies a copy, Austen's novels were some of the earliest mass-marketed paperbacks. In the 19th century they were targeted to Britain's working class and were sold at train stations, traded for soap wrappers, and given as school prizes. This is the story of those paperbacks and other republications of Austen's novels told lovingly by a serious, scholarly collector who is an expert on book publishing as well as on Austen. Barchas shares the fun of her research adventures as well as the results, and recounts the human histories that came to light as she tracked down the facts behind the books. Beautiful full-color images, luxurious heavy paper, and case binding with colorful headbands make this book visually stunning as well as informative and enjoyable. Very Good condition, corners may be bumped. Johns Hopkins University Press. 2019. USED. $20.00
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