Jane Austen's England: A Travel Guide.

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This was an immediate staff favorite as we poured over the pages of this 320 page deluxe travel guide based on Jane Austen's life, experiences, writings, and of course, film locations from modern adaptations. Throw away your Fodor's, forget your Lonely Planet and Baedeker, you'll never need another travel guide to England! Well, perhaps you'll need a B&B guide. That is, if you plan to take time out of your travels to sleep and have your English Fry-Up. Hundreds of sites are described in detail with locations of car parks, detailed walking tours, seasonal open hours, website links and phone numbers, and of course the excerpts or biographical information that explain each location's significance to Janeites. Find inns and museums with tributes to Jane, all the places she danced, vacationed, visited family and friends, places she mentioned in letters - truly impressive. Gorgeous photos. Faux jacket. Originally published in Dutch by Uitgeveriij J. H. Gottmer/ H. J. W. Becht. ACC Art Books Ltd., Suffolk, UK. 2019. NEW/USED. $19.00
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