The Duties of a Lady's Maid. With Directions for Conduct, and Numerous Receipts for the Toilette.

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Introduction by Mary Ann O'Farrell, former Chawton House Library visiting fellow. This advice book was published anonymously in 1825 as a guide for the Lady's maid, explaining all the things she must know, the way she must behave, and full of practical advice. The author gives strict fashion advice, instructions on proper speech, advice on keeping secrets, on practicing religion, and quite a bit of theory on use of color. With admonitions that you must observe in silence, consider yourself as nobody, remember your rank, we also find recipes for hair treatments and cosmetics. It's a lovely little book and we imagine the maid in training reading it, and as O'Farrell suggests, possibly giggling at the more pompous sections. Like new. Hb, Dj. 2015. USED. $15.00
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