Jane Austen Embroidery: Regency Patterns Reimagined for Modern Stitchers.

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Jane Austen was proud of her skill with the needle. This book showcases rare and beautifully embroidered patterns from Austen's era repurposed into fifteen modern projects. Patterns are derived from Lady's Magazine (1770-1832), a popular monthly periodical of fashion, fiction, and gossip. An introduction gives historical context. A guide to materials and methods gets you off to a good start. Endnotes provide connections between the projects and their counterparts in Austen's fiction, family records, and other literature of her time. Projects include an evening bag, a reticule, a cellphone case, a muslin shawl, an apron, a floral napkin set and tablecloth, and other timeless items. 159 pages. Dover Publications. 2020. Paper. NEW. $20.00