The Northanger Novels: A Footnote to Jane Austen.

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"Author's Note: In its original form this paper was read before the English Association in Westminster School Hall on 11 February 1927. Abridged, and in part re-written, it was published in the Edinburgh Review for July 1927. It now apears under the auspices of the English Association once again, but expanded even boynd its original length, and thoroughly revised. M. S." Sadleir discusses the discovery that these novels did, indeed, exist, the nature of the novels, and the obvious deliberation he believes Austen exercised in her selection of Gothic examples for Isabella Thorpe to recommend to her heroine in Northanger Abbey. Includes facsimile title pages and bibliography. Paper, stitched pamphlet, lightly browned with discoloration of title page due to a short newspaper clipping by John Sparrow that has been with the booklet, obviously for most or all of its existence. The English Association Pamphlet No. 68. November, 1927. USED. $35.00