Kitty, Duchess of Queensbury.

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Catherine Hyde [1701-1777], afterwards Duchess of Queensbury, and known as Kitty, was a daughter of the 4th Earl of Clarendon and the wife of Charles Douglas, the 3rd  Duke of Queensbury. She was a bold woman in her time and considered eccentric. Her boldness caused George II to banish her from court. But she was very important as a socialite in London life, a supporter of the arts, a friend to writers such as Congreve and Pope, and patron of the dramatist John Gay. She was given a slave by a relative, and she promptly freed him and treated him as an adopted son, setting him up in high society. This biography pulls heavily from letters and primary sources. Illustrated. Overall good condition. No jacket. Ivor Nicholson and Watson Limited. London. 1935. USED. $20.00
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