The Angel and the Cad: Love, Loss and Scandal in Regency England.

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Roberts spent years finding materials by and about Catherine Tylney-Long [1789-1825], a true Regency Rock Star without prior biographical treatment.  Catherine rose to riches in 1805 when she inherited the family fortune, becoming the richest commoner in the kingdom and thus a target of hopeful devotion by royal and aristocratic suitors. She chose a handsome husband, a nephew of the Duke of Wellington, who turned out to be an unreliable rake. Known for her open nature, and called feeble, foolish, and weak, Catherine was beloved for her sweet personality as well as her fortune during her life. Her life was always in the news, during a period when gossip columns were universally read. Roberts's research found that she was also talented, intelligent, forthright and accomplished, a careful manager, and had a great deal of courage. Book is like new. Macmillan. 2015. Hb, Dj. USED. $20