The Memoirs of Elisabeth Vigee-Le Brun.

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Translated by Sian Evans. Introduction by Claudine Herrman. First unabridged edition published in English. Vigee-Le Brun painted her first portrait of Queen Marie Antoinette at age 23 in 1778. Eleven years later she fled France on the eve of the Revolution, disguised as a peasant. Bringing her 6-year-old daughter along, she worked around the courts of Europe, painting the rich and beautiful. She wrote these frank, gossip-rich memoirs in the 1830's. She chats about the secrets of the royal and famous across Europe, her opinions of them all, and the horrors of travel. A rare woman earning her way as an artist, she's funny, smart, and friendly as a writer. Camden Press. London. 1989. Paper. USED. $14.00
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