Nineteenth Century Fiction: Jane Austen 1775-1975.

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Bicentennial essays by David Greene, Martin Price, Valerie Shaw, Francis R. Hart, George Levine, Rugh apRoberts, Walter E. Anderson, K.K. Collins, Mark Kinkead-Weekes, Andrew Wright. Foreword by Andrew Wright. Topics include subdued heroines, old maids, manners & morals, a new poem (at that time), private spaces, adaptations (up to 1975), the role of speech in P&P, the monster in NA, dichotomy in S&S. 453 pages of wonderful insight into Austen scholarship of the mid-1970's. Very good, with light creasing to spine and some light pencil marginalia in the NA essay by the previous owner, an Austen scholar. Signed by previous owner inside front. University of California Press. 1975. Paper. USED.  $35.00
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